Caribbean Report 14-11-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. Dissatisfaction at French police in Cayenne as people clean up after another night of riots. Valerie Le Claire of ACJ Television in Cayenne reports (00:32-03:35)
3. In St. Lucia a conference on Mental Health Care may help British delegates who attended to better understand Afro-Caribbean patients. The conference which was held in Castries brought together experts from the Caribbean and Britain marking Mental Health Month. Psychiarist and Consultant at the University of Birmingham Dr Richard William is interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports (03:36-06:11)
4. Caricom Secretary General in Rome calls for a lifting of food subsidies for develop nations. Warren Gordon reports (06:12-08:07)
5. The move towards a Caribbean Supreme Court cannot be dismissed as an unnecessary expense according to Barbados Foreign Minister Billie Miller. Foreign Minister Billie Miller is interviewed (08:08-09:34)
6. Sandals Chairman Gordon 'Butch' Stewart defends the all inclusive concept. Sandals Chairman Gordon 'Butch' Steward and St. Lucia Restaurant Owner Jimmy James are interviewed. Ken Richards reports (09:35-12:34)
7. Spain has underscored its determination to promote a new policy to force to democratise in Cuba (12:34-13:07)
8. Lara is back and ready to face Australia in the upcoming test. Brian Lara is interviewed (13:08-15:25)