Caribbean Report 28-08-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Bernie Grant, British Member of Parliament calls on London to do more for the people of Montserrat. Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Secretary General of the Commonwealth, believes that much of the effort to help the people of Montserrat has been misguided and worldwide millions of people are living next to volcanoes which scientist believe could become deadly at various stages. A report states that millions of people are living within danger zones. David Brandt, Scientist John Shepherd and Chief Emeka Anyaoku are interviewed. Moya Thomas and Ken Richards report (00:28-06:23)
3. A total of twenty-five inmates from Jamaica's two major prisons have been arrested and charged following the deaths of sixteen inmates and the wounding of sixty-two others last week. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Irwin Clooney is interviewed (06:24-07:49)
4. Talks are taking place in Suriname to rebuild the governing coalition since the government is now in a minority (07:50-10:24)
5. The Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States has come out against the Helms-Burton Bill. Simon Molina Duarte is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports from Port of Spain (10:25-12:01)
6. The Cuban authorities have released a Portuguese tourist they suspected was involved in a bomb explosion in a hotel (12:02-12:35)
7. African Americans fight the controversial proposition 209. E. Smith reports (12:36-14:23)
8. China has urged Panama to withdraw its invitation sent to the Taiwanese President to attend a conference on the Panama Canal next month (14:24-15:22)