OP57 - The Orisha (African Saints) Cult in Trinidad


2010-07-08T16:34:04Z, 12/13/1964

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This demonstration tape features a recording and discussion of the first few minutes of an all night segment of a week-long Orisha feast which included animal sacrifices. The tape, which is representative of the research done by the Cloaks in Trinidad, features local dialect. The tape was a gift from the Social Science Research Council of New York.


1 reel to reel tape
This resource is available for research. It is the property of the West Indiana and Special Collections Division, The Alma Jordan Library, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

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Social Science Research Council, New York, Oral Tradition, Linguistics, Shango Rituals, Religious Feasts, Orisha Religion, African Religions, African Diaspora, Not Digitized