Covid-19 and beyond: Impact assessments and responses

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Economic Affiars and Regional Integration Division, OECS Commission


This report aims to accomplish the following objectives: (i) provide a snapshot and forward-looking assessment of the impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis on key sectors of the economy; (ii) provide immediate-term (defined as six months) recommendations aimed at buffering the immediate impacts of the health crisis and medium-to-long-term (defined as one year and beyond) policy recommendations aimed at placing Member States on a path to economic and social recovery; (iii) assess the social impacts of a rapid decline in economic performance and provide key recommendations to safeguarding the collective well-being of populations; and (iv) explore cross-sectoral themes related to responding to the crisis. This report is also structured into four parts: Part 1 provides both a global and regional macroeconomic discussion that highlights key findings from leading multilateral and intergovernmental organisations; Part 2 provides a sector-specific discussion on the current state and way forward for vital sectors such as travel and tourism, agriculture and food security, manufacturing, and the creative industries; Part 3 provides an analysis of the impact on social sectors including social protections, health, and education; and Part 4 discusses critical, cross-sectoral themes related to the overall business environment and the need for evidence-based policy formulation.


An economic and social impact assessment evaluating the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on economies and populations of OECS Member States. ISBN (978-976-635-105-2) (Print edition) ISBN (978-976-635-104-5) (Ebook/Electronic edition) Printed in Saint Lucia Published by the Economic Affairs and Regional Integration Division, OECS Commission; Visit

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COVID-19, Impact assessment