Maraval Road, Trinidad, B.W.I.




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This photograph of Maraval Road looks more like a forested foot path than a road for vehicles. The two dense, clumps of bamboo, on the left, dominate the landscape of this photograph. They are so large that their leafy tops could not be captured by the camera. Bamboo is a tall, tree-like grass with rounded, jointed, hollow stalks or stems. Judging from the height of the stalks on these two clumps, the bamboo may be about 10.6 meters (35 feet) high. The concrete posts of the fence in this photograph have rounded tops and the railings appear to be made of steel. Sunlight shines through the gaps between the bamboo and trees and lights up the unpaved Maraval Road of Trinidad, British West Indies.


Colour: Black and White; Style: Landscape; Other: Bordered, Undivided
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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, Rural roads--Trinidad and Tobago, Cities and towns--Trinidad and Tobago--New Town, Bamboo--Trinidad and Tobago