Caribbean Report 29-06-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. The European Court of Justice has rejected Germany’s demands for a temporary injunction against the EC’s new banana regime. The new rules imposing a three-million-ton annual tariff quota on imports from Latin American bananas would come into effect on July 1st. Interview with Clifford Smith, Brussels’ based journalist. Shada Islam reports (00:37-02:20)
3. Voters in Belize go to the poll for their general elections. The ruling People’s United Party and the opposition’s United Democratic Party have been fighting the campaign on issues of relations with Guatemala, the economy and illegal immigrants. Interview with David Price, Political scientist in Belize. David Reid reports (04:24-06:48)
4. The Jamaican government has come under fire over its failure to help two death row prisoners fund their appeal to the Privy Council in London. Lawyers for convicted prisoners, Earl Pratt and Ivan Morgan in addressing the Law Lords claim that the execution of the men would be inhumane. They also say the fight to bring the case to London was hampered when a request for travel expenses were refused by the Jamaican government. Interviews with Dennis Daley, QC, member of the defense team and Victor Cuffie, Caribbean Rights Group. Speaker, David Corre, AG for Jamaica (06:49-10:17)
5. The Caribbean Congress of Labour is calling on Caribbean heads of governments to give urgent attention to issues relating to job creation in the region. The labour movement is also unhappy with the response from CARICOM leaders to proposals put at the annual Heads of Government Conference. Interview with Curtis Augustus, Caribbean Congress of Labour (10:18-13:38)
6. Haiti’s military ruler, Raoul Cedras has appealed for direct talks with ousted President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. At the UN mediated talks in New York, the General says while he is prepared to resign, he will not allow his general staff to quit. He is also demanding that Port-au-Prince Police Chief, Joseph-Michel François to resign (13:39-14:03)
7. Cuba’s bad harvest and a lack of refining capacity will cost the cash strapped island about $500 million this year. President Fidel Castro made the announcement in Parliament. Bad weather and other factors are expected to drop the 1992/1993 harvest to about 4.2 million tons from 7 million tons in the previous year (14:04-14:48)