Caribbean Report 15-04-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines by Pat Whitehorne (00:00-00:39)
2.The Democratic Party of Claude Watty may now have to form a coalition government following the recently concluded elections. Eddie Williams reports that an SPA/PDP government may be in the making following the recent results of the elections on the 5 islands that make up the Netherland Antilles(00:39-03:22)
3. The President of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide has called on the business community to lend the government money in order to create jobs and fight the high cost of living to boost the government anti treasury. He promised that they will be repaid in 4 years with a 5% interest. Pat Whitehorne spoke with Antoine Esmeri who supports the President’s request (03:23-06:24)
4. The West Indian Commission chaired by Sir Shridath Ramphal is having consultations in Britain beginning today. They would meet with a wide cross section of West Indians in Britain. The recurring issue of the role of the CARICOM Secretariat is high on the agenda. Sir Michael Franklyn, President of the West India Committee, believes that the biggest impediment in the development and implementation of regional integration is CARICOM. He notes that there is poor staffing and far sighted policies which are determined by the Heads of Government and there is need to move the headquarters to a more central position. Mr. David Suratga supports Mr. Franklyn’s view. Mr. Bone Wells took up the challenges between the similarities of how some parliaments function on the Caribbean and the workings of the British model, of which they are based (06:25-11:03)
5. Work is proceeding rapidly on the tourist development stationed at the foot of St. Lucia’s national treasure, the Pitons. The British developer, Lord Colin Tenant and the Prime Minister of St. Lucia, John Compton, argue that it will bring jobs to the people of St. Lucia. However some citizens do not share the view that they would benefit from this project (11:04-14:38)
6. Pat Whitehorne concludes the broadcast (14:39-14:55)