Caribbean Report 12-01-1996

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. St. Lucia's Prime Minister makes his first public statement on the issue of his retirement. Sir John Compton is interviewed (00:30-01:54)
3. Saudi dissident Dr Mohammed Al-Massari opens his appeal against his deportation to Dominica. Journalist Rickey Singh and Opposition Leader Rosie Douglas are interviewed. Ken Richards reports (01:55-03:45)
4. In Havana a group of Republican Congressional aids have said that discussions with Cuban politicians have been productive but there are many issues on which they disagree. Gary Jarman, United States Cuban Foundation and Wayne Smith, Centre of International Policy are interviewed. Rosie Hayes reports (03:46-06:01)
5. As the Masters win the tournament in Sharjah the Master Blaster fires a shot at the West Indies Cricket Board. Cricketers Viv Richards and Joel Garner are interviewed (06:02-08:51)
6. For the second time in four months a squadron of US marines will work with local soldiers and police in Trinidad and Tobago to wipe out marijuana plantations. Official statistics suggest that one third of all crimes committed in the country are linked to the trafficking of drugs. National Security Minister Joe Theodore is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (08:52-10:19)
7. The myth that Jamaican gangsters are behind a significant number of crimes in Britain is finally being officially discredited. Moya Thomas reports (10:20-11:31)
8. Viv Richard discusses the declining fortunes of the current West Indies cricket. Viv Richards is interviewed (11:32-15:22)