Caribbean Report 12-01-1994

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The British Broadcasting Corporation


In this report: Geest, Britain's largest and best known banana importer reports profit loses for 199. Once cause of this loss is the "dollar banana" from Latin America. In Nevis, a Minister declares a no confidence motion against the Kennedy Simmons government. Lionel Martin reports on Cuban and Russian trade relations. And Britain bans the use of gags and adhesives after the death of Jamaican Joy Gardner.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Carol Orr (00:00-00:34)
2. British banana importers GEEST expects to report pre-tax losses for the year 1993. The London firm said that the deficit was due mainly to both a shortfall of profit in the banana business and the prices being hit by over the supply stemming from the new European council banana import regime. This report features an interview with analyst Julian Hardwick who is of the view that weak prices were compounded by GEEST’s 9 million dollar payout which was needed to combat crop disease in Costa Rica. He also elaborates on the financial challenges faced by GEEST throughout 1993 (00:35-02:08)
3.This segment features an interview with David Sugden, the Chief Executive Officer of GEEST suggests that if the European Commission does not review the structure of import regime, there could be further losses in revenue in 1994 which may result in the collapse of Windward Islands banana industry (02:09-4:21)
4.Correspondent Hugh Crosskill interviews Petrie Baron Wells, British conservative MP and chairman of the British Group of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association who wants to press the European Commission to provide an aid package for the Windward Islands. He feels that decisive action is needed by the Caribbean in the face of competition in the banana industry (04:21-9:10)
5.Carol Orr sums up by noting that the Banana farmers in Dominica are being urged to take strike action over reduced prices for their fruit. This follows an announcement by the local banana marketing co-operation that the already low prices are to be reduced further. Also in St. Vincent banana farmers have been informed of a further reduction in price following a 39 percent drop in revenue in 1993 (9:11-9:31)
6.In this segment reports on the growing dissatisfaction felt by persons in St. Kitts and Nevis over the appointment of Dr. Kennedy Simmons as Prime Minister. Parliamentary Secretary, Franklin Brand resigns and in an interview talks about why he believes the government should call another election (9:32-12:11)
7.Lionel Martin reports on Russia and Cuba trade relations. Prior to 1991 70% of Cuba’s trade was with the USSR, when it dissolved so did the intimate economic relations. However the w countries announced that they are will be establishing a joint agency to c-operate in profit making ventures (12:12-14:10)
8.The British Home Secretary Michael Howard announced a ban on adhesive tape to restrain deportees after a review of the procedures following the death of Jamaican Joy Gardner (14:11-14:42)
9. Theme song (14:43-14:58)