Caribbean Report 09-02-2000



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Headlines: (00:00-00:29)
2. Concerns are being raised about the visit of St. Vincent’s Opposition Leader, Ralph Gonsalves to St. Lucia for a banana meeting. Dr. Gonsalves is suspected of being on an information gathering mission about the state of the Windward Islands Banana Industry. St. Lucia has agreed to trade directly with the exporting company GEEST. (00:30-03:29)
3. In Guyana, two people were killed as well as a soldier and a police officer after a 12 hour shoot-out between security personnel and one of the country’s notorious men Linden “Blackie” London. (03:30-05:40)
4. Barry Richard McCaffrey, the U.S Anti-Drug Czar has begun his official trip to Mexico to evaluate the country’s efforts to clamp down on the narcotics trade. The Caribbean and Mexico are one of the main drug trafficking routes. (05:41-08:39)
5. Cuba could be the 72nd member of the ACP and 6 other countries have applied for membership to the ACP. The newer cohort will be signed in Fiji. (08:40-10:30)
6. The UNCTAD is being encouraged to take a leading role in promoting special trade agreements between developing countries since the more developed countries are at an advantageous position by virtue of their wealth and connections. (10:31-13:36)
7. Prince Charles has cancelled his trip to Austria following the controversy of the inclusion of the far right. He is also planning for his visit to the Caribbean in the next 2 weeks. (13:37-15:26)