Caribbean Report 01-05-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Tension in the Florida Straits as exiles sail close to Cuba to deliver their own May Day message. In Havana up to a million people have taken part in the May Day Rally. United States State Department Official Nicholas Burns and US Coast Guard Official Marcus Woodring are interviewed. Rosie Hayes reports (00:29-04:07)
3. In Jamaica a spokeswoman for Cuban asylum seekers says that three out of four Cubans deported by the Jamaican government have been arrested in Havana (04:08-05:20)
4. In Guyana May Day is being observed with a very low keyed presence from politicians. Gordon Todd is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (05:21-06:35)
5. A spokesman for sacked Caribe Express staffers says they are still confident about the future. A spokesman for the group Irwin Griffith is interviewed (06:36-10:05)
6. The region's trade union movement says it is not going overboard in trying to protect its turf as the move towards a single regional market continues. Caribbean Congress of Labour General Secretary Curtis Augustus and Director of the OECS Economic Affairs Secretariat Dr Bernard Yankee are interviewed (10:06-13:29)
7. Further uncertainty surrounding Montserrat's elections. Governor Frank Savage is interviewed (13:30-15:22)