Caribbean Report 07-07-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. St. Lucia leads the regional relief effort from Montserrat. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony is interviewed (00:28-01:48)
3. Last week nurses met with the Chief Minister of Montserrat to ask for redundancy payment. Prime Minister of St. Lucia, Kenny Anthony is interviewed (01:49-03:00)
4. Jeremy Collymore, the Co-ordinator of Barbados based CDEMA was asked about the scale of CARICOM to Montserrat. Jeremy Collymore is interviewed (03:01-05:43)
5. The exodus from Montserrat has increased following the last eruption of the volcano almost two weeks ago. Bernadette Pond and Janice Panton, Montserratians in London are interviewed. Debbie Ransome reports (05:44-08:02)
6. First time immigrants to Britain often do not know the laws well enough and fall prey to bogus lawyers according to black Member of Parliament Bernie Grant (08:03-09:57)
7. St. Vincent Prime Minister James Mitchell is on a five day visit to Cuba on the invitation of President Fidel Castro. Tom Gibb reports (09:58-11:42)
8. British Airways (BA) plans to ease the plight of Caribbean bound travellers is likely to be affected by the proposed strike. Jamaican born Bill Morris, General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers' Union and BA spokeswoman Laura DeVere are interviewed (11:43-14:28)
9. In Britain, Home Secretary Jack Straw is still considering proposals put to him by the mother of murdered black British teenager Stephen Lawrence (14:29-15:25)