Caribbean Report 13-10-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Jessica Robertson (00:00 - 00:26)
2. The Vice Chairman of Trinidad and Tobago National Commission for UNESCO Morris Carrington is being considered for the position of Director General of the Organization. Current leader Frederico Mayor steps down later this month after 12 years at the helm. Carrington discusses his vision for UNESCO and his suitability for the job (00:27 – 03: 32)
3. The issue of good governance and abolition of capital punishment are topics of interest at the EU/ACP conference in Bahamas. Emma Bonino former European Commissioner discusses her opposition of the death penalty and move to introduce a moratorium resolution on capital punishment. OECS Ambassador to Brussels Edwin Laurent comments on EU and issues of good governance (03:33 – 07:07)
4. In St. Lucia a leadership squabble in the banana industry has become a source of concern for the government and this could hamper international banana lobbying efforts. Banana producers are attempting to have Chairman of Banana Corporation Patrick Joseph removed from office. Pete Nimvalle reports from Castries (07:08 – 09:14)
5. The Windward Islands Banana Developing and Exporting Company (WIBDECO) will pay its first dividend to farmers since the organization was set up five years ago. Farmers in 76 islands will share 6 million EC dollars. (09:15 – 09:33)
6. Cuba is facing prospective boycotts where Latin American partners are indicating that they will not send representatives to the IBERO Summit carded for next month. Representatives from Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean region are invited to this conference. Professor Antonio Jorge International expert at Florida International University comments on boycott by nations. Keith Stone Greaves reports (09:34 - 12:20)
7. In Guyana officials of the main opposition People National Congress on the Select Committee for parliamentary reform walked out of a meeting today accusing government of deliberately delaying process of parliamentary reform (12:21 - 13:02)
8. In Trinidad and Tobago conservationists are investigating why 26 whales were beach on islands northeastern Atlantic coast in Mazanilla. 12 died and others are fighting to survive. Tony Fraser reports (13:03 – 14: 43)
9. The season ninth tropical storm Irene formed today in north western Caribbean. Forecasters are issuing storm warnings to territories Cuba, Jamaica, and Cayman Islands(14:44 – 15:27)