Caribbean Report 02-03-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Carol Orr (00:00-00:33)
2. Queen Elizabeth II addresses the Jamaican parliament during to the three-day visit to the island while on a tour in the Caribbean. In her address she urges Jamaicans to look to its human resources to solve its crime problems (00:34-01:36)
3. Member of the Commission appointed to look at the proposed changes to Jamaica’s constitution, Delroy Chuck, Senior Lecturer in law at the UWI, Mona Campus, talks about the steps Jamaica must take if the country decides to amend its constitution removing the Queen as the Head of State and the type of President the country will opt for (01:37-05:35)
4. Two small protests take place during the Queen’s visit to the Mona Campus. Yvette Rowe reports (05:36-06:45)
5. Former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley is briefed by an official from the Commonwealth Secretariat on his role as the leader of the Commonwealth observer team to South Africa, leads a 120 member team that will observe the build up to the general elections in that country. Debbie Ransome interviews Commonwealth Secretary General Emeka Anyaoka (06:46-10:19)
6. England’s fast bowler Devon Malcolm was forced to leave his squad in the West Indies to undergo surgery in Manchester on his knee. Hugh Crosskill interviews Devon Malcolm (10:21-14:35)
7. Wrap up and theme music (14:36-14:59)