Caribbean Report 07-02-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Mike Jarvis (00:00-00:29)
2. The British government surprises many when Jamaica is included in a list of countries from which no asylum applications will be accepted. Margaret Lally, Deputy Chief Executive with the Refugee Council in London comments. Beverley Hughes, British Home Office Minister says the decision was based on Jamaica having a protective legal system and a functioning democracy. Prime Minister Tony Blair says he wants to control the number of immigrants entering Britain. Lord Alfred Dubs, former Minister of Labour, a former asylum seeker who fled Czechoslovakia makes a statement in defense of refugees. And in Jamaica, Jamaicans for Justice’s Dr. Carolyn Gomes as head of the human rights organization challenges the British government on the work order of the Jamaica justice system. BBC’s Bertram Niles reports (00:30-05:34)
3. After meeting with British Minister John Straw, Knowlson Gift, Trinidad and Tobago’s Foreign Minister reports that the British government was unable to identify any specific threat of terrorist activity to support its travel advisory to British nationals wanting to visit Trinidad and Tobago. BBC correspondent Bertram Niles reports (05:35-07:10)
4. A court in the Netherlands Antilles is about to make a decision on an application by Benard Komproe, Minister of Justice in Curacao to order the Federation’s Police Union to end their three-day strike by the three hundred policemen on the island (07:11-08:06)
5. Four members of the Cuban coast guard have defected to the US in a bid to flee from poverty. BBC correspondent Stephen Gibbs reports on alleged horrific socio-economic happenings in Cuba (08:07-09:58)
6. The Antiguan government has accepted the investment offer of Allen Stanford, American millionaire businessman who was threatening to take his business elsewhere. Prime Minister Lester Bird reveals at a press conference that the reason for government’s initial delayed response was Mr. Standford’s demand for a freehold on land. BBC correspondent Colin James reports (09:59-11:41)
7. Batsman Marlon Samuels is leaving for South Africa to join the West Indies squad after approval was granted by the World Cup organizers despite his injury. Joseph 'Reds' Perreira, sports commentator offers his view of the performance of the star cricket player and the West Indies’ cricket performance (11:42-14:57)
8. A report published by UNICEF states that more than half of all children and adolescents within the Caribbean and Latin America are living in poverty. The report points to statistics dating back to 1999 that indicate fifty nine percent of children under the age of twelve are poor (14:58-15:33)