Caribbean Report 18-02-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:30)
2. A conference aimed at addressing the problems of small poor countries has come to an end in London. The World Bank and the Commonwealth Secretariat convened a meeting that followed a detailed report of the threat to the survival of small states due to globalization and unrestricted free trade economies. (00:31-02:39)
3. Developing countries will be able to voice concerns at the UNCTAD conference about their disappointments with developed countries on the matter of trade. (Sentence needs correction. Needs specific subject heading re: Developing countries) It may take some time to find out whether the discussions will make a difference in how trade is handled on the international stage. (02:40-04:33)
4. Natural gas is replacing crude oil at a fast pace as the backbone of Trinidad’s economy. It is believed that this change will drive foreign direct investment. (04:34-06:35)
5. Grenada is reinforcing its opposition to bypass St. Lucia’s Banana Corporation to sell bananas directly to GEEST, the exporting company. Clarice Charles, Grenada’s Agricultural Minister, said the move would weaken relations in the Windward Islands. (06:36-07:37)
6. The government of Guyana is adamant that it carries out full and speedy inquests when someone is shot and killed by the police. This statement comes in light of police officers facing criticisms of their shoot to kill policy. There is controversy surrounding the shooting death of the country’s most wanted man, who some eye-witnesses say was shot by the police. (07:38-10:03)
7. There is a sharp turnaround in the labour movement in the United States calling for amnesty for undocumented immigrants who were previously accused of forcing down wages and breaking strikes. (10:04-12:12)
8. Trinidad and Tobago qualified for the quarter-final of the CONCACAF group with the U.S. Dwight Yorke, a star player on the team will miss that match. He is flown to England to help his club Manchester United in the top of the table match with VillaUnited. If the team advances to the semi-final and final Yorke will not be there to play on the team. (12:13-15:31)