Caribbean Report 26-07-1989

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:51-01:29)
2. Mrs Thatcher reshuffles her Government Ministers. In the Foreign Office, John Major replaces Sir Geoffrey Howe and Timothy Eggar is replaced by Timothy Sainsbury. PM James Mitchell of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is in London for two appointments with Timothy Eggar on the same day. Jerry Timmins interviews PM James Mitchell (01:30-04:39)
3. Hugh Crosskill profiles fifty-seven year old Mr. Timothy Sainsbury, the new Junior Minister with responsibility for the Caribbean. He comes from the famous Sainsbury family owners of one of the most successful food stores in Britain (04:40-07:34)
4. PM James Mitchell meets with Mrs.Thatcher and finds her reassuring on an issue of vital importance, maintaining of the Banana Protocol and the Banana Regime. Jerry Timmins interviews PM James Mitchell (07:35-09:40)
5. Financial News (09:41-10:03)
6. Having formed a new political party, the national party, Prime Minister Blaize is determined to stay on as the leader in Grenada. However, is it constitutional for a PM to stay in power as the head of a party which did not exist at the last election? For the answer, Jerry Timmins interviews Ian Ramsey, Attorney at Law and Leader of the Defence Team at the Maurice Bishop murder trial (10:04-13:13)
7. PM James Mitchell who is in Britain says he has no faith in the Caribbean airline LIAT. Jerry Timmins interviews PM James Mitchell (13:14-15:51)