Caribbean Report 14-12-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:27)
2. Grenada's Prime Minister says he needs a larger majority to avoid the problems of the past. Prime Minister Keith Mitchell and Acting Leader of the National Democratic Congress Joan Purcell are interviewed. Lou Smith reports (00:28-06:28)
3. Puerto Ricans make it clear this weekend that they want no constitutional change at present. Professor of Political Science, University of Puerto Rico Jorge Benitez discusses the issue (06:29-09:03)
4. Baby Doc Jean-Claude Duvalier comes out of hiding for a rare interview; Michael Norton reports (09:04-11:39)
5. Office of the CARICOM Facilitator in Guyana today issued a statement indicating that there is being some progress in the inter-party talks between the People's Progressive Party and the Opposition People's National Congress (11:40-12:12)
6. There is a call for the West Indies Cricket Team to go back to basics. Sports Administrator Andy Roberts is interviewed. Keith 'Stone' Greaves reports (12:13-15:04)