Caribbean Report 29-06-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. Kittesian Prime Minister Denzil Douglas warns that the Caribbean can lose out on aids funding. Prime Minister Denzil Douglas is interviewed (00:32-03:26)
3. Five people are injured during pro and anti-American clashes lin Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico's Governor Sila Calderon is interviewed and Shannon Novak reports (03:27-06:52)
4. President of Guyana's Media Association has rejected accusations that the media is involved in helping criminal activity. President of the Guyana Press Association Adam Harris is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (06:53-08:57)
5. Fidel Castro and tens of thousands of demonstrators have held a mass rally to protest the conviction of five Cuban agents in Miami for espionage. Emilio San Pedro reports from Havana (08:58-10:29)
6. FIFA Vice President Jack Warner says he is glad to see the back of Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy. FIFA Vice President Jack Warner is interviewed (10:30-13:08)
7. Proposal to clear the way for ratification of the treaty for the world's first International Criminal Court (ICC) has gone before the Antillean Cabinet. Geraldine Cockland reports (13:09-13:47)
8. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has written to the Cuban President telling him to take care of himself and to wear his cap out in the sun (13:48-14:10)
9. Joseph Hazel of Basseterre has been charged with the murder of a Britsh millionaire Tony Fetherston in St. Kitts (14:11-14:29)
10. Representatives of the Caribbean community in New York are hailing the United States Supreme Court's rejection of automatic deportation for some immigrants (14:30-15:31)