Caribbean Report 25-04-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines by Patricia Soriah (00:00-00:30)
2. Jean Mitchel Caroit reports that 23 persons were accused and arrested for selling and buying children In the Dominican Republic. Among those arrested are parents and several traffickers. The head of the ring is a lawyer Tenure Gonzales, who has fled the country (00:31-01:55).
3. Pete Myers reports that in Columbia, police and drug control officials from more than 30 countries, are meeting to formulate joint plans to combat the cocaine trade. New smuggling routes in Columbia and the financial operations of drug traffickers are revealed. Representatives from the Bahamas and Jamaica are attending this meeting (01:56-03:35)
4. Prime Minister of Haiti, Rene Preval announced on Tuesday that attempts are being made to destabilize the government of President Aristide. Michael Norton reports that numerous fires and attempts of mug violence have taken place recently in Haiti. The government has alerted the country to be vigilant and to cooperate with the army, as there appears to be an attempt to threaten constitutional order (03:36-07:38)
5. The news of Reverend Al Sharpton’s visit to Britain has caused controversy across the country where the Daily Mail newspaper warns the British immigration services not to let him into the country. Leslie Goffe reports on the fuss that this is causing on the Caribbean community in Britain and speaks to Reverend Hughey Andrews and Carl Rodney (07:39-13:12).
6. Shortly after the throne speech was delivered by the Governor General, Sir Edward Zacker, it was revealed that Jamaica will spend an increase of 3 billion dollars in its 1991/92 estimates of expenditure. Zacker’s speech called for the regularization and liberalization of the economy to be accelerated. Jamaica is also seeking to increase local and foreign investments with more trade in the east and the establishment of an Embassy in Japan (13:13-14:40)