Caribbean Report 20-11-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:22)
2. Two rival communities in the Jamaican capital begin peace talks, following a series of shootings which left at least six people dead. Conrad Hamilton reports; Member of Parliament for Central Kingston, Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Thwaites speak on the matter (00:23-02:11)
3. 1300 pounds of cocaine was seized in Caribbean waters in two separate operations. Neil Nunes reports from St. Maarten; spokesperson for the Aruban and Antillean Coast Guard and the Dutch Navy based in the Caribbean discuss the operation (02:12-04:27)
4. The anchor interviews the spokesperson for the Caribbean division of the US Coast Guard, to uncover if there were signs that drug trafficking was increasing (04:28-05:50)
5. Team Unity, a new party lead by former Attorney General Ramesh Maharaj launches in Trinidad and Tobago with a slate of 30 candidates. Tony Fraser reports; clip played by Ramesh Maharaj and Trevor Sudama (04:29-08:29)
6. People continue to debate the election of economist Clive Mascoll as the new leader of the opposition Democratic Labour Party in Barbados. Political Scientist Dr. George Bell and Political Analyst Peter Wickham share opposing views on the issue (08:30-11:33)
7. The British group P&O Princess, join forces with its American rival Royal Caribbean in a deal worth six billion dollars. Emma Joseph reports (11:34-13:09)
8. A leading drug charity argues that all drugs should be reclassified, after the British government reclassifies cannabis so possession of small amounts will no longer be an arrestable offence. Roger Howard Chief Executive of the group Drug Scope, discusses his position on the issue (13:10-15-30)