Caribbean Report 17-09-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Barbados’ Prime Minister, Erskine Sandiford, announces a revenue raising package which includes new taxes and pay cuts. Sandra Baptiste reports with comments from Erskine Sandiford. Bobby Khan, President of Barbados Manufacturers Association also comments on the implications for the manufacturing sector (00:33-06:11)
3. Jamaica’s civil servants protest on the streets over a pay dispute with the government. Eddie Bailey, President of the Civil Servants Association, predicts further actions if the outcome of the upcoming meeting with Prime Minister Michael Manley is unfavorable (06:12-07:54)
4. Suriname’s new President, Ronald Runaldo Venetiaan, promises constitutional changes and sets out his priorities for the countries’ recovery. Chandra van Bennendijk reports that President Venetiaan has placed economic recovery and constitutional changes high on his agenda (07:55-09:51)
5. Florida Senator Connie Mack recently issued a controversial amendment to tighten US longstanding trade embargo against Cuba. In an interview with Senator Mack, Hugh Crosskill poses the question: Is the senator truly committed to enforcing change in Cuba or is he driven by the fact that Florida contains a large Cuban community with considerable voting power (09:52-12:16)
6. A row erupted in Britain over alleged racist remarks made by the chairman of a football club during a television programme. Ron Noades, Chairman of Crystal Palace, stated that black footballers do not have the ability to function as managers and coaches. Patrick Bartlett reports with comments from Brian Glanville, Sports Correspondent of the Sunday Times; Cyrille Regis of Aston Villa; and Chris Hughton of Tottenham Spurs (12:17-14:42)