Caribbean Report 13-01-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:28)
2. Attacks on police officers continue in Guyana. One was gunned down on his way to work making it five law enforcement officers killed this year and another was injured in an ambush. Robert Corbin, the opposition leader warns that the conduct of certain security operations can lead to a national crisis. Colin Smith reports (00:29-02:01)
3. The Human Rights Group, Amnesty International expresses concern about recent changes in Guyanese law, saying that it can seriously jeopardize human rights in the country. In an interview with BBC correspondent Colin Smith, Caribbean researcher for Amnesty, Olivia Streeter expresses the organization’s concerns (02:02-05:04)
4. Britain is reassuring Jamaicans living in the UK that the visa restrictions slapped on Jamaicans travelling to the UK are solely an immigration control measure. H. E. Maxine Roberts, Jamaica’s High Commissioner to Britain says that the community leaders themselves must lobby the Members of Parliament on the visa issue. Ken Richards reports on concerns raised (05:05-06:50)
5. Dominica’s Opposition United Worker’s Party (UWP) is looking at the possibility of taking legal action against Dr. Timothy Harris, Foreign Affairs Minister of St. Kitts/Nevis who called for a probe into alleged corruption by the former UWP government. BBC correspondent Paul Charles reports (06:51-08:55)
6. The government of Trinidad and Tobago wants to make redundant all of the nine thousand daily paid workers at the state-owned sugar company Caroni (1975) Limited. John Rahael, Agriculture Minister says it's in the best interest of workers to accept the VSEP offer. Dr. Dhan Mahabir, UWI Economist explains what type of package the workers should be accepting (08:56-11:19)
7. There is growing concern amongst some human rights groups about the poor treatment of Haitians in the British Territory of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Kingsley Been, a senior civil servant says that the overseas territories need help. BBC correspondent Claire Bolderson reports on the Haitians’ concerns (11:20-13:52)
8. The West Indies Cricket World Cup Squad begins a two week training camp in Antigua amid optimism that the team has an outside chance of lifting the upcoming World Cup in South Africa next month. Bertram Niles reports (13:53-15:31)