WITCO Desperadoes and Phase II Pan Groove Performing in USA




Video: not that Clear; Audio: OK – Mono (Left side of stereo field has a light humming sound throughout)

Table of Contents

00:00 – Footage starts with a wide shot of Desperadoes on Stage
01:00 – Cut to footage of “Dr. Pat Bishop” conducting the orchestra which is playing the Offenbach's operetta 'Orpheus in the Underworld' – Can-Can section. Footage moves to a wide shot of the Steel Orchestra from the back
02:17 – Cut to (John Camping Daily News [MC]) on a microphone introducing Mayor Edward Irving "Ed" Koch.
02:26 – Footage of the Mayor as he welcomes Desperadoes “World Champion Steel Orchestra” of Trinidad and Tobago” to New York City to celebrate “Unity Week”
03:25 – Cut in footage to mayor acknowledging that desperadoes performed in Carnegie Hall the night before and had a wonderful performance.
03:43 – Mayor ends speech and climbs on to the stage to “... show you what we can do” on the steelpan.
03:50 – Cut to footage of the mayor and others pretending to play along (also known as “Shadowing” within the pan Fraternity) with the desperadoes steel orchestra while they played “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin.  Young Martian P.C. Cain is standing next to David Dinkins who is also pretending playing his pan.
5:39 – Footage of (John Camping Daily News [MC]) introduces David Dinkins
5:55 – David Dinkins, Manhattan Borough President welcomes Desperadoes to New York. He identifies two other names “Arthur Barnes”( Next to the Mayor) and “John Camp” (to his right). He described “Despers” performance by saying “... were you to close your eyes you could not tell if it was strings playing or brass or what it was absolutely magnificent...” He also mentioned that ate the performance at “the Hall” they did not play any Caribbean Numbers they played symphony pieces with standing ovations after each.
7:08 – Despers plays “Rebecca” (Not the total rendition can be heard, there are cut footage in the tapes)
11:19 – Footage of “Unisphere”
11:23 – (Mc/Host Unknown) introducing Phase II pan Groove, City Fair/World Fair Network (Sponsored by ATandT and Coca Cola)
13:33 – Footage of Masqueraders dancing to “This feeling Nice” by Phase II, Composed by Len “Boogise” Sharp and sung by Denise Plummer
14:21 – MC Introduces the “New York Pops” conductor “Skitch Henderson”
14:37 – New footage of Phase II play another rendition “Summer Time” by George Gershwin
17:01 – Footage of sign of a building which reads “The Library of Columbia University” which spans to crowd
17:29 – Footage of Phase II playing “Wave” by Antonio Carlos Jobim
20:27 – Footage of host introducing the president of Colombia University “Michael I. Sovern”
20: 35 – “Michael Sovern” starts his speech by thanking Phase II pan Groove. He stated that Colombia is it only University that Phase II will be visiting and extended an invitation for them to return.
21:5 New footage of (A Building). Mc/Host Introduces “... a Great Friend to the Caribbean” Mayor “Edward Koch”
21:09 – Footage of Mayor Edward Koch dancing to the sound of the steelpan while pretending to play a pan which is situated next to Len "Boogsie" Sharp.