Caribbean Report 14-07-1992



Report ends abruptly

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party Edward Seaga and General Secretary Ryan Peralto threaten to not run for re-election if former dissident members run as deputies. Correspondent Gary Allen reports (00:30-01:44)
3. Germany leads new opposition against plans by the European Commission to safeguard Caribbean bananas from single market rules. Correspondent Clifford Smith reports from Brussels (01:45-03:45)
4. Several public servants in Guyana participate in a one day strike for increased wages and salaries. Correspondent Sharief Khan gives details while Susan Moore, General Secretary of the Public Service Union talks about her union’s expectations (03:46-05:46)
5. Haiti’s de facto government asks the US government for help in dealing with the country’s drug trafficking problem. Correspondent Michael Norton reports (05:47-08:18)
6. A report issued by the National Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaux in Britain criticizes the government’s immigration policies, citing discrimination and delays in application processing for persons of Afro, Caribbean and Asian ethnic backgrounds. Sean Roberts of the association claims Home Office is guilty of double standards while the Minister responsible for Immigration policy denies such claims. Justin O’Brien reports (08:19-10:42)
7. Although payment of debts by Brazil will keep the International Sugar Organization open until September, the organization is still trying to justify its future in the world sugar market (10:43-12:00)