Caribbean Report 11-12-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:38)
2. International observer groups started arriving in Haiti, as the Haitians wait nervously for the presidential election which is five days away. Michael Norton reports that the front-runner candidate, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, appears to have attracted support from Venezuela (00:39-02:30)
3. Guyanese-born Bernie Grant, British Labour Party MP, leads a five-man delegation of the Afro-Asian solidarity movement to Iraq on Sunday. The mission hopes to intensify the momentum for peace in the Middle East (02:31-04:32)
4. Sandra Baptiste reports that the Montserrat-based radio station, Radio Antilles, has been dormant since Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and plans are underway to re-open the station. Carney Osborne, Interim Manager of Radio Antilles and John Osborne, Chief Minister of Montserrat comments on the need for funding and the current negotiations with BBC (04:33-08:34)
5. Suriname’s army commander, Desi Bouterse, heads to Ghana to learn about national reconciliation. The army’s spokesman is interviewed by Leslie Goffe (08:35-10:38)
6. With six years to go before Hong Kong is handed over to China, the business community is hunting for safe havens for its monies. Through its Far East Investment Programme, Trinidad and Tobago hopes to attract long-term investors. Pat Whitehorne interviews Bertrand Doyle, coordinator of the investment scheme (10:39-13:50)
6. Hugh Crosskill provides a brief report on the outcome of the Miami Conference (13:51-14:55)