Caribbean Report 18-03-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Carol Orr (00:00-00:29)
2. A public relations group representing Japanese whaling interest has accused the International Wildlife Coalition group of using intimidation tactics against the Caribbean. The International Wildlife Coalition will soon launch a campaign against four Caribbean territories in protest against the country’ stance on whaling. The President of Telepress whose clients include the Japanese Fisheries and the Japan Whaling Association, believes the International Wildlife Coalition is wrong to pressure these Caribbean countries (00:30-03:15)
3. The Columbia government has asked Cuba to comment on a charge that leaders of three guerilla movements attended a Latin American revolutionary summit meeting in Havana in January. Cuba has denied the charges but Columbia’s Attorney General says he has proof that there is truth to the charge (03:16-04:57)
4. In Washington, US Congressman Charles Rangel now has the task of getting a true figure of Cuba’s alleged human rights abuses. This follows a setting up of two Congressional Committees which considered a bill to lift the Cuban embargo against Cuba. Yvette Collymore reports on the hearing (04:58-07:15)
5. In Anguilla, two former main opposition parties come together to form a coalition government blocking the former ruling party Anguilla National Alliance from a third straight term. The new Chief Minister is Hubert Hughes who served as opposition leader in the last Administration (07:16-07:38)
6. A tumultuous three weeks in Barbados politics has resulted in a stalemate. Problems began when Prime Minster Erskine Sandiford sat on the board of the Barbados Tourism Authority. It was an action which in some quarters was seen as a culmination of a six-month effort by the prime minister to secure his choice of a chief Executive officer for the authority. Bertram Niles reports and Jess Cumberbatch, a senior lecturer in Law at The University of the West comments (07:39-10:57)
7. According to Atherton Martin, the Executive Director of the Development Institute in Dominica, the current marketing strategies is creating problems for Windward Island banana producers. According to Martin, the agreement with the fruit marketing company GEEST does not really offer the region’s banana producers the best deal on price. In his interview, Martin talks about why the deal is weighted against the Windward Island banana producers (10:58-13:50)
8. West Indies players have withdrawn a threat of strike action ahead of the second test against England. The players including Captain Richie Richardson and Vice-Captain Desmond Haynes demanded an increase in match fees and refuse to sign unless their demands were met. Prior to today’s strike action the West Indies Cricket board of Control had responded by putting replacements on standby (14:22-14:44)
9. Theme music (14:45-15:03)