Caribbean Report 30-07-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:22)
2. Dominica’s Attorney General announces the changes made to the controversial economic citizenship program (00:23-01:21)
3. Earl Huntley, Secretary of St. Lucia’s Regional Constituent Assembly looks at how the issue of economic citizenship could impact plans to unite the Windward Islands (01:22-05:21)
4. The Bush Administration is seeking to block an hour’s old Appeal Court decision which overturned a previous ruling allowing the forced repatriation of refugees from Haiti. Correspondent Michael Norton reports (05:22-08:09)
5. Regional human rights body, Caribbean Rights and journalist association, CAMWORK object to the Dominican Republic’s censorship of Radio Enriquillo (08:10-08:44)
6. The Opposition in Belize, The United Democratic Party, is boycotting parliament and threatening to keep up the process for the remaining two years of the parliamentary term over the suspension of an opposition member of parliament (08:45-11:12)
7. Caribbean broadcasters are urged to move quickly to using direct broadcast radio, the new radio technology in broadcasting to the world. Correspondent Tony Fraser talks with Deoraj Ramnarine, Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (11:13-14:04)
8. Recap of headlines (14:05-14:32)