Caribbean Report 28-12-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:35)
2. In Trinidad and Tobago the new Patrick Manning led government struggles to convene the Parliament due to lack of support from the opposition. Basedo Panday has reneged on his agreement to cooperate with any decision made by the President after the 18-18 general elections tie. Panday maintains that the new government appointed by President ANR Robinson is unconstitutional. Tony Fraser reports, clip by Reginald Dumas played (00:36-03:51)
3. In an interview, the editor of the Trinidad Newsday Therese Mills told the anchor she is disappointed in Patrick Manning’s choice of cabinet members especially due to the present political climate in the country (03:52-06:28)
4. Dominican Republic President Hipólito Mejía made an announcement that the man suspected of leading the attack on Haiti’s national palace is under house arrest (06:29-07:07)
5. Caribbean Community countries admit that the major developments of the year have been overshadowed by the September 11th attacks. Journalist Ricky Singh discusses some of the progress and challenges of 2001 (07:08-10:30)
6. Curacao reports a record 7.5% increase in tourist arrivals despite the September 11th terrorist attacks. Neil Nunes discusses how Curacao has been able to enjoy a vibrant tourism sector (10:31-12:24)
7. Fourteen prisons officers have been suspended in Barbados following an investigation into the alleged beatings of 36 inmates at the Glendairy Prison. Ken Richards reports (12:25-13:47)
8. Twelve children were killed and eighteen people injured in the Dominican Republic, when a speeding truck crashed into a rural dance performance. Natalie Williams reports (13:48-15:28)