#SuperLibrarian - The Evolving Role of Librarians in Technology Spaces



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The purpose of this paper is to discuss changes in the roles of librarians against the backdrop of emerging technologies. Through reflection on practice drawn from the author’s thirty years in librarianship, this paper explores the evolving role of librarians in the constantly developing technological environment and demonstrates how librarians can combine information resources, technology and research assistance in these constantly changing spaces. It also explores how technology enhances the role of the librarian with specific reference to ChatGPT The author stressed the need for library courses for credit to allow for feedback, assessment, and critical thinking. The need for continuing professional development (CPD) for Librarians was highlighted. Additionally, areas such as Scholarly Publishing, Metrics and Analytics, Academic Integrity, and Intellectual Property were identified as areas of focus for the 21st century Librarian. This study is limited to changes in roles as a result of emerging technologies which impact librarians. It is set in the Caribbean. This paper is relevant for librarians, regardless of their geographical location, who are also required to be fluid, keep on the cutting edge, adapt and adopt to deliver service in the face of constantly advancing technology. This paper is a reflection on an original experience from a Caribbean territory. it also explores recent developments in technology, more specifically ChatGPT and its impact on the roles of librarians. It provides contributions to the ongoing discourse on the evolving role of the librarian, from a different perspective.


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Pierre – Robertson, P. (2023), "#SuperLibrarian – the evolving role of librarians in technology spaces", Digital Library Perspectives, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. https://doi.org/10.1108/DLP-04-2023-0026