Caribbean Report 29-07-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Warren Gordon (00:00-00:26)
2. President Castro arrives in Jamaica to a red carpet welcome. The first time President Castro visited Jamaica in the 1970's, Michael Manley was in office. President Castro went back twenty years later for Mr Manley's funeral. He has seen seven United States President's come and go. Carol Orr and Emma Joseph report (00:27-06:16)
3. The Bahamas is condemned for its treatment of refugees. Bahamian High Commissioner in London Arthur Foulkes and Director of the Migration Programme at the Open Society Sir Arthur Hilton are interviewed (06:17-10:35)
4. A Rastafarian conference has been held just off North London. Rastafarian spokesman Shango Baku is interviewed (10:36-13:36)
5. Brian blues: frustration as Warwickshire supporters jeer their captain. Captain Brian Lara and Allan Lequay are interviewed. Debbie Ransome reports (13:37-15:27)