Caribbean Report 12-03-1997

In this report, the President, Dr Cheddi Jagan is finally laid to rest after large crowds force authorities to postpone Tuesday’s ceremony. In this segment, the United States, Helms-Burton law which aims at increasing pressure on Cuba to make democratic changes has been enforced for a year. Its effectiveness is being discussed. Next, in a study entitled “the Political Economy of Europe’s Banana Trade, two university professors have added their voice to the debate on abolishing Europe’s banana trade. Next, as the main political parties in the Bahamas are gearing up for election, the Prime Minister and Leader of the Free National Movement Party has refuted claims that his party has not improved conditions on the island. In the following, Montserrat’s dismissed Minister of Agriculture, says that he stands by his handling of his portfolio. In the final segment, officials of the Dominican Republic are trying to retrieve land that they say was illegally transferred to supporters of the former President.
Table of Contents
1. In Guyana the late President, Dr Cheddi Jagan is creamated. Colin Smith reports from Georgetown (00:31-03:03)
2. America's Helms-Burton legislation is one year old and how effective has it been? Michael Ranneberger of the United States Department and Larry Birns, Director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs are interviewed (3:04-07:15)
3. A report published in Britain comes out in support of the European Union preferential treatment of Caribbean bananas. Carol Orr reports (07:16-10:11)
4. The main political parties, in the Bahamas, are gearing up for elections. Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham is interviewed (10:12-12:14)
5. Reuben Meade, the sacked Minister of Agriculture in Montserrat, stands by his handling of his portfolio ( 12:15-14:37)
6. In the Dominica Republic, lands that were distributed to the supporters of the former President, Joaquin Balaguer are being retrieved (14:38-15:26)