Caribbean Report 21-12-1995


This report examines the US Administration plans to eliminate all tariffs on textile imports from CBI nations. However, a group of seventy-one Congressmen are threatening to vote against any final budget bill since they believe that Caribbean countries do not require additional trade preferences. The CARICOM Secretariat is looking to strengthen economic relations with Canada at a time when US-CARICOM relations appear to have wane. CARICOM Secretary-General Edwin Carrington refers to the US preoccupation with domestic politics and states that the region can not ignore other important parts of the world. In Dominica, the Parliament has passed the Caribbean Community Skilled Nationals Act which allows for qualified persons of other Caribbean countries to enter the island without restriction. In the Caribbean the problem of cultural penetration through the American media has received attention in the British Parliament. Trinidadian Ken Gordon agrees that there is a problem and comments on the issue. The program concludes with a look at Christmas celebrations in Dutch and French St. Martin and the British Virgin Islands following hurricane damages sustained earlier this year.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:25)
2. The Caribbean textile industry comes under threat (00:26-02:19)
3. CARICOM countries seek to strengthen economic relations with Canada (02:20-05:04)
4. Dominica passes legislation to allow for the free movement of University graduates (05:05-07:08)
5. The preponderance of American culture in the Caribbean has received attention in the British Parliament (07:09-10:17)
6. Christmas celebrations across the region following hurricane damage earlier this year (10:18-15:04)