Caribbean Report 30-06-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00: 32)
2. Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chrétien confirmed that his country is suspending high level official contact with Cuba due to the country’s human rights record. There has been no official comment from Havana. This diplomatic fallout has resulted in Canadian Ministers cancelling visits to Cuba and the Canadian government reviewing proposals for business and bilateral projects on the island (00:33 - 03:46)
3. Trinidad and Tobago Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj discusses the hanging of state witness Russell Sankarali amidst allegations from the Criminal Bar Association and Sankarali’s lawyers that he was innocent of charges levelled against him. Tony Fraser reports (03: 47 - 05: 59)
4. Chairman of the Saint Lucia Banana Corporation defends its decision to place tenders for receiving and loading bananas exports. These jobs are traditionally reserved for stevedores and their jobs are now at risk of obsolescence. Pete Ninvalle reports (05: 60 - 08: 05)
5. CARICOM heads are preparing for its annual meeting in Trinidad and Tobago. Orin Gordon reports on the CARICOM Secretariat release of the itinerary of the meeting which includes free trade pact with the European Union, decline of the West Indies cricket team, changes in the Treaty of Chaguaramas and the establishment of the Caribbean Court of Appeal (08: 06– 13: 43)
6. In Anguilla, the opposition political party will boycott all sittings of the House of Assembly until the political impasse has resolved. The four opposition members will continue civil disobedience until Chief Minister Hubert Hughes resigns and parliament is dissolved (13: 44 -14: 17)
7. In Jamaica, members of the police service stayed away from offices as part of an ongoing wage dispute with the government. The Jamaica Police Federation, the Union representing the police officers has publicly stated that it is not responsible for protest actions (14: 18 – 15: 22)