Caribbean Report 28-07-1992

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. The Jamaat al Muslimeen is being sued for damages by Trinidadian businessmen who lost property resulting from the looting during the 1990 attempted coup. Correspondent Tony Fraser reports (00:29-03:03)
3. Dave Fenton, Editor of the Montserrat Reporter talks about the reaction by Montserratians to the arrest of former Chief Minister John Osborne and former Agriculture Minister Noel Tuitt on fraud charges (03:04-07:14)
4. Chairman of the Caribbean Council on Europe, David Tate backs the recommendation of the West Indian Commission for the formation of a CARICOM Commission which he says is vital in promoting the interests of the region in Europe (07:15-10:11)
5. Fyffes, one of the main distributors of Caribbean bananas announces its acquisition of a 50% shareholding in the Swedish fruit distribution firm Sabah (10:12-10:44)
6. In Suriname, government and rebel groups meet to engage in peace talks in order to complete the signing of an all-embracing peace accord by the 1st August. Correspondent Chandra Van Binnendijk reports on Suriname’s steps towards peace (10:45-13:25)
7. A team of Cuban doctors will this week examine victims of Brazil’s biggest radiation accident along with 50 children who will be taken to Cuba for treatment (13:26-14:09)
8. Recap of headlines