Caribbean Report 30-08-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:30)
2. Caribbean community leaders at a Summit in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago reached a consensus to establish a Caribbean Court of Justice to replace Britain’s Privy Council. A leading Caribbean economist and academic Grenadian Alister McIntyre shares his views on the establishment of the Caribbean Court and adjudication regarding the death penalty. Lou Smith reports (00:31 - 02:16)
3. In Haiti the opposition parties are welcoming a US decision to withdraw approximately 450 troops and replace these troops with technical teams relocated to rural areas. Professor Bert Thomas Director of Caribbean Studies at New York City University shares his thoughts on the decision and what he describes as premature celebrations by the opposition and the effects on the security of the island (02: 17 - 05:01)
4. Caribbean athletes and officials are returning to their individual countries following what has been described as a successful world track and field championships in Seville Spain despite the drug scandals which have marred the games. BBC Sport journalist Alex Capstick reports on the regional standings (05:02 – 08:23)
5. BBC reporter Orin Gordon profiles the multicultural event carnival and its transformative effect on residents of Notting Hill. Jessica Robertson reports on the conclusion of what has been described as the two biggest street festivals in Europe attended by over two million revelers (08:24 - 15:55)