Caribbean Report 12-06-1990


The Chairman of the British Parliamentary Human Rights Society describes the Guyana’s Election Observers Bill as disturbing and unnecessary. Under the bill, President Desmond Hoyte will be empowered to invite election observers and individuals who falsely impersonate an observer are liable to a fine and eighteen months imprisonment. Secondly, two more hangings in Guyana have prompted further calls for a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the use of the death penalty in the country. Following the Financial News, British Airways has rejected suggestions that it is reducing its services to St. Lucia. Rather it confirms that the direct flight to St. Lucia will now operate out of Gatwick and not Heathrow, and this new route will not affect the tourist industry in St. Lucia. The report concludes with the battle by fire-fighters in the Gulf of Mexico to extinguish a fire onboard the Norwegian oil tanker, Mega Borg. The tanker is now threatening to spill thirty-eight gallons of crude oil into the sea which may pose a serious environmental problem for the Caribbean region.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. A member of the British House of Lords voices concern over Guyana's Election Observers Bill. Pat Whitehorne interviews Eric Aubrey, Chairman of the British Parliamentary Human Rights Society (00:35-05:53)
3. Two more hangings in Guyana despite strong protest. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown (05:54-07:48)
4. Financial News (07:49-08:51)
5. British Airways denies it is threatening the tourism industry in St. Lucia by reducing services to the island. Comments from David Dougan, spokesman for British Airways (08:52-11:46)
6. Fire onboard a Norwegian oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico poses the threat of an oil spill in the Caribbean region. Leslie Garth interviews Lynn Davidson, Greenpeace specialist (11:47-14:59)