Caribbean Report 17-09-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Hostile reaction in St. Lucia to a US drug elimination exercise. Pete Ninvalle reports (00:28-03:23)
3. In the United States another group is focusing on the drug problem. The Congressional Black Caucus is calling for hearings of the role of the CIA in an alleged drug scandal within the black community. Jesse Jackson, Jr and Congresswoman Maxine Waters are interviewed. Roy Osana reports (03:24-06:04)
4. Fishermen from Guadeloupe face an arrest if they continue to fish in Antigua. Ambassador to France Ronald Saunders is interviewed (06:05-09:09)
5. Montserrat may be in crisis as a Minister resigns (09:10-09:53)
6. In the Dominican Republic newly elected President Lionel Fernandez has just announced new legislation allowing the privatization of public companies. Jean-Michel Caroit reports (09:54-12:53)
7. Trinidad and Tobago's Chief Justice says the Privy Council's Pat vs Morgan judgement gives Caribbean governments only a two year period within which to execute convicted killers. Chief Justice Michael de la Bastide and Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj are interviewed. Tony Fraser reports (12:54-15:26)