Caribbean Report 30-03-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards (00:27)
2. Saint Lucia Ambassador for the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Sonia Johnny calls on CARICOM to address the issue of unity within its ranks. This statement follows the region’s failure to unite behind one candidate from Latin America for the post of OAS Secretary General. Former Costa Rican General Rafael Calderón withdrew his nomination for the position due to lack of regional support ( 00: 28 – 01:50)
3. The World Trade Organization will attempt to meet its deadline and choose a new Director General at a crucial time in the organization history. Diplomats from one hundred and thirty four country remain divided on the two main candidates for the top position. Debbie Ransome reports (01: 51 - 04: 03)
4. Dominica opposition leader Rosie Douglas shares the view that the European Union should make a preemptive decision on how best to support Caribbean bananas if the World Trade Organization decision favours US sanctions against European Union products. BBC correspondent Ken Richards interviews Douglas on the imminent effects of the sanctions and unity among Caribbean banana growers (04: 04 – 06: 43)
5. The European Union is slated to invest million of dollars during the next ten years in the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP). Cameroon and the Ivory Coast will receive a substantial amount of this funding. Francis Ngwa-Niba BBC consultant in Cameroon comments on the US monopoly of the banana industry in Africa. BBC Correspondent in the Ivory Coast Funmi Kuo analyses the effects of US dominance on the African National Company. Chelston Lee reports (06: 44 - 09: 24)
6. Caribbean health experts express concern on the treatment of AIDS and the devastating effects the disease can have on Caribbean economies. Dr. Karl Theodore Coordinator of the Health Economics Unit at the Campus at UWI Jamaica, discusses the health and budget crisis in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago (09: 25 – 12:54)
7. Puerto Rico and the US are at odds on the death penalty as a group of lawyers take the case to the United Nations protesting the US ability to impose the death penalty on federal convicts in the country. Capital punishment has been barred in the island since decreed in the 1952 constitution but can be imposed by US district judges. President of the Puerto Rico Bar Association Eduardo Villanueva discusses the injustice of the system (12: 55 – 14: 15)
8. In Jamaica the West Indies was victorious over Australia in the second test match of the current series. Captain Brian Lara scored 150 not out (14: 16 – 15: 25)