The dougla in Trinidad’s consciousness

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Department of History, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus,Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad is a complex multi-ethnic society where the two major ethnic groups - Africans and Indians - are in competition for power: economic, political and social. These contestations force the meeting and mixing of these two groups but militate against their merger. This is a reality that impacts significantly on the lives of their offspring the Dougla who are birthed into this complex social, cultural and linguistic situation and whose social position within this divide remain unclear and uncertain. Before 2011, Douglas were not designated in official censuses as a marginal ethnic community or even a biracial minority group leaving them free to declare themselves African, Indian or members of the umbrella categories Mixed and Other. Despite the steady increase in the number of people who define themselves as Douglas, their position in Trinidadian society remains ambivalent and indeterminate. This presentation maps the comparative invisibility of Douglas in Trinidadian society from the second half of the 19th and 20th centuries via an examination of social history and anthropology, creative writing, and popular culture.
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Cultural fusion -- History -- Trinidad and Tobago., Racially mixed people -- History -- Trinidad and Tobago., Racially mxed people -- Social conditions -- Trinidad and Tobago., Race relations -- Trinidad and Tobago.
Regis,Ferne L."The Dougla in Trinidad's Conciousness." History in Action Online-Only Journal 2.1 (2011): n.pag.Web