Caribbean Report 02-02-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards (00:23)
2. Ecuador has accused the United States and the European Union of ignoring the interest of small countries impacted by the ongoing banana dispute. Ecuador banana expert Cristian Espinosa voices the implications for Ecuador and Caribbean countries given their economic dependence on the banana industry and calls on these two regions to work together for an equitable solution to the current impasse. Ken Richards reports (00:24 - 03:35)
3. A multimillion dollar loss in the banana industry in Saint Lucia has resulted in a war of words between the Windward Islands Banana Development and Exporting Company (WIBDECO) and the Saint Lucia Banana Corporation. Pete Nimvall reports on opposing views by the organisations on the reasons for the loss of revenue. Saint Lucia Agriculture Minister Cassius Elias calls for an immediate investigation into the matter (03:36 – 05:43)
4. As the 29th session of the World Economic Forum draws to a close, Chelston Lee reports on the unprecedented financial turmoil facing the world, and on the strategies and ideas circulated at the Forum towards combating global economic issues. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan urged attendees to address issues such as human rights and the environment, proposing a global compact of shared values and principle to give a human face to the global market. Currency speculator George Soros calls for sweeping reforms to global financial institutions noting that the prosperous US was not immune to economic downturn. Peter Whitehall, Economist at Central Bank of Barbados cautions Caribbean leaders to manage the economy efficiently by cutting fiscal deficits and maximizing export earnings (05:44 - 08:27)
5. Twelve passengers thrown off an Air Tulsa flight en route to Jamaica following an air rage incident remain stranded at the Norfolk International Airport in Virginia. Deputy Executive Director of the Norfolk Airport Authority Wayne Shank voices his opinion that this incident should not be categorised as air rage as there was no damage to the aircraft nor abuse of the flight crew. Liz MacKean reports on the airline refusal to fly the passengers back to the Britain. Opinions on the air rage incident are voiced by nationals in Britain and Jamaican (08:28 - 14:09)
6. Venezuela’s new President Hugo Chavez was officially sworn into office. Chavez in taking the office promised Venezuelans a new constitution and implementing measures towards democratic reforms (14:10 - 15:20)