Caribbean Report 17-09-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Washington calls on Caribbean support and solidarity for its declaration of war against terrorism. Charge D'Affaires at the Jamaican Embassy in Washington Courtenay Rattray is interviewed (00:28-02:54)
3. United States diplomats decline to comment on reports that a cell of terrorists have been found in Trinidad and Tobago. Acting United States Ambassador to Port of Spain David Steward is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (02:55-04:47)
4. In the Cayman Islands, police authorities say they will continue to detain three Afghan nationals in the wake of a published letter linking them to the chief suspect in the United States attacks, Osama bin Laden. Police Commissioner of the Cayman Islands David Thursfield and Author of the Letter Byron Barnett are interviewed (04:48-08:59)
5. In Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Lester Bird has reacted sharply to people in the country who have appeared to be rejoicing over the terror attacks against the United States. Julius Gittens reports (09:00-11:27)
6. Air Jamaica remains pessimistic about a region wide recovery from the United States disaster. Vice President for Marketing and Sales Allen Chastanet is interviewed (11:28-14:13)
7. Royal Caribbean Cruises, many of these liners ply the region says it expects loses up to US$25 million as a result of last week's attack in New York and Washington (14:14-15:16)