The Pitch Lake of La Brea, Trinidad.




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Three men are standing on the pitch lake at La Brea and their mirror image can be seen in the nearby rain water pond. The pitch lake’s surface appears rough and crumbly. Behind the men is an employee of the asphalt company. He is operating his rail cart which is used to transport pitch from the lake to the company for refining. On the horizon is a grove of trees and a long low single story building.


Colour: Black and White; Style: Landscape; Other: Unbordered; Undivided
Funding for this project has been provided by Mrs. Irma E. Goldstraw.

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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, Pitch, Asphalt industry--Trinidad and Tobago, Cities and towns--Trinidad and Tobago--La Brea, Ponds--Trinidad and Tobago, Railroad cars--Trinidad and Tobago, Men--Trinidad and Tobago, Employees--Trinidad and Tobago, Clothing and dress--Trinidad and Tobago, Hats--Trinidad and Tobago, Suits (Clothing)--Trinidad and Tobago, Ponds--Trinidad and Tobago, [1908], Transportation--Trinidad and Tobago