Caribbean Report 10-07-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. The government of Montserrat says that ninety-five percent of the country’s agriculture has been destroyed by ash from the Soufrière Hills volcano. As aid pours in, the country is prioritizing a major clean up of roads and buildings. Debbie Ransome addresses the question of whether the authorities were adequately prepared. The Editor of The Montserrat Reporter also weighs in (00:32-04:54)
3. As the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) signals a recovery in the travel industry, one investor in the Bahamas describes a six hundred million dollar expansion to its casino business. Orin Gordon reports on one of the biggest tourism related projects in the Region (04:55-06:47)
4. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls for tuberculosis drugs to be provided free to patients in developing countries. It says that without such measures TB will inevitably spread at some point to the developing world. Mike Jarvis interviews Mario Raviglione, the Director of the Global TB Programme at the WHO and one of the most cited authors in the TB field (06:48-08:29)
5. The Chairman of the Organisation of Churches in Guyana believes that constitutional protection for homosexuals will lead to gay marriages. Bishop Juan Edghill, the Head of the Guyana Council of Churches (GCC) says Christians and other faiths grouped under the inter-religious organization are united in their stance to oppose homosexual rights being enshrined in law (08:30-11:48)
6. Rastafarians from the Caribbean and further afield are hosting a conference at The University of the West Indies, Jamaica. ‘Rastafari Global Conference’ will have a strong spiritual and political theme with subjects ranging from reparations for the descendants of slaves to the use of ganja in their religion. The five hundred or so Rastas are expected to follow up with an action plan (11:49-13:11)
7. In the United States, the murder trial of two sniper suspects will not be heard in Washington so as to ensure that no local residents sit in judgment of either suspect. This follows a judicial ruling that moves the John Allen Muhammad trial from Prince William County to Virginia Beach two hundred miles away (13:12-14:48)
8. In cricket, Gus Logie is confirmed as Coach of the senior West Indies cricket team by the West Indies Cricket Board. Logie replaces former Test player Roger Harper (14:49-15:31)