Caribbean Report 05-05-1992



Report ends abruptly.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:38)
2. Cuba reports losses amounting to twenty billion dollars as a result of a thirty year old United States trade embargo. Correspondent Lionel Martin gives details (00:39-02:30)
3. Cuba asks the United Nations Security Council to condemn the United States for allegedly encouraging the 1976 bombing of a Cuban flight over Barbados in which 73 people died. BBC UN Correspondent Christopher Gunness reports on the outcome (02:31-06:03)
4. Military exercises in the Caribbean involving more than thirty thousand American servicemen is creating concern in Cuba. Criticism over the ocean venture exercises is published in the official newspaper Granma (06:04-06:30)
5. Grenadian Prime Minister Nicholas Brathwaite turns down wage demands of unions saying the economy cannot support them. Correspondent Sandra Baptiste reports on opposing points of view regarding acceptance and non-acceptance of the IMF’s structural adjustment plans for Grenada by Prime Minister Brathwaite and Opposition Leader Keith Mitchell (06:34-10:20)
6. A report commissioned by former Prime Minister Michael Manley recommending ways to improve the role and functions of the government of Jamaica has been given to Prime Minister P. J. Patterson. The recommendations range from maintaining the current free market system to greater accountability at all levels of government (10:21-10:50)
7. A senior regional environmentalist calls for an environmental protection agency in the Caribbean (10:51-10:57)