Caribbean Report 19-01-1990


The program focuses on the agreement by the British government to amend seventeen items in Anguilla’s constitution, including the right of men and women to pass voting rights to their foreign spouses. The leader of the opposition’s Anguilla United Party comments that the amendments do not address the vote of no confidence in Anguilla. Following the Financial Market news, the next segment highlights the outbreak of dengue fever in Trinidad with reports of 103 cases, the confirmation of the death of a teenager, and the prevention campaign being adversely affected by the shortage of insecticides. The round-up segment covers the new policy by Margaret Thatcher to ensure the payment of child support by runaway fathers; England’s upcoming cricket tour of the West Indies and South Africa; and an award for good conduct and service to the first black policeman, Anguillan-born, Noel Roberts. The final segment examines Havana’s protest to the UN’s Security Council about the American plan to set up a television station, TV Marti, in Cuba. According to a letter by Cuba’s Foreign Minister, it is an attempt by the US to mutilate the national sovereignty of Cuba and destabilize the country.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:35)
2. Anguilla amends its constitution restoring the basic rights of women (00:36-05:55)
3. Financial News. Interview with John Toalster, oil analyst of Hoare Govett Ltd. (05:56-07:15)
4. Outbreak of dengue fever in Trinidad. Ira Mathur reports from Port-of-Spain (07:16-09:17)
5. Round up of what the British press has been saying of interest to the Caribbean (09:18-12:29)
6. Cuba complains to the United Nations about US aggression. Pamela O'Toole reports (12:30-14:50)