Vegetable Seller, Barbados.





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A scene of a female vegetable seller with a young boy standing behind her holding a basket of vegetables. There are variety of vegetables which includes: yams, plantains and avocado pears. The woman is dressed in a polka dot top with her head tied and next to her there’s a scale to weigh her produce. In front of her there’s a tray of yams sitting on top of a wooden barrel. They are surrounded by crates and boxes of various sizes. Notes : May you spend a holy and a happy Christmas season, and enjoy much real blessing from a lifting Heavenly Father during 1912, is the? Sincere? Of… Have been glad to see JW? Richards lately. Hope you and yours are well. (Signed)- E. Hall. Address: Bathsheba Beach Hotel, Barbados, W.I. November 25th, 1911 (Sending to) – Mrs. James/Innes ? South Petrock, 25 Victoria Road, Southsea, Harts?, England ENTP. 12. W.L. Johnson and Company Limited, Barbados No.60


Landscape, black & white, 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

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Food vendors, Produce stands, Clothing & dress, Markets, Farm produce, Vending stands, Vegetables, Clothing and dress, Street vendors