Caribbean Report 28-11-1995


In this report the region is still reeling from the shock of Brian Lara's decision not to tour Australia. Prime Minister James Mitchell has confirmed that the Windward Islands in a joint venture with Dublin-based Fyffes has made bid to buy the banana division of the British banana import and food manufacturing company, Geest. St. Lucia's Prime Minister John Compton met with finance officials to bridge the country's financing gap. In Guadeloupe, two thousand employees marched through the streets in support of the strike in France. Dominicans were sent home from the nearby French island, Marie Galante, after two people were questioned by French police about drug trafficking. In Guyana, the recent cyanide spill and the halt of operations at the Omai Gold Mines is costing the company and the Guyanese government. In cricket, sports psychologist Dr. Rudi Webster had predicted that Brian Lara could be facing too much pressure. Tony Fraser reports on what is being said on radio stations, street corners and in cricket circles. Sport editors from Jamaica and Trinidad comment on the matter. The Lara story was prominent on the sport pages of most mainstream British newspapers. Students at Brian Lara's old school, Fatima College comment on the issue of Lara's decision not to tour Australia.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Ken Richards (00:00-00:23)
2. Brian Lara's bombshell announcement not to tour Australia shocks the region (00:24-01:00)
3. Confirmation that the Windward Islands are putting in a bid to buy over Geest banana business (01:01-02:45)
4. Debbie Ransome with the news roundup (02:46-04:19)
5. Sports psychologist, Dr. Rudi Webster comments on Lara's decision to pull out of the series (04:20-05:49)
6. Sport editors from Jamaica and Trinidad have their say on the matter of Lara's decision (05:50-09:59)
7. Interview with Dr. Webster who states it would be wrong to put the blame on Lara's shoulders (10:00-13:29)
8. Students from Lara's old school, Fatima College, comment on the issue (13:30-14:50)