Caribbean Report 01-01-2001



Table of Contents

1. After he stepped down as Prime Minister in late October Sir James Mitchell of St. Vincent and the Grenadines agreed to an interview with BBC Caribbean Report. Warren Gordon reports (00:00-03:54)
2. When the St. Lucia's Opposition United Workers Party confirmed that the search was on for a new leader it provided an opportunity to examine the options before the UWP. Dr Vaughn Lewis had made his exit less than a month after being endorsed and almost on the eve of a party convention. Party Chairman Romanus Lansiquot is interviewed and Emma Joseph reports (03:55-06:11)
3. Long over now is the Elian Gonzalez custody battle. The case of a young boy who survived the shipwreck to become the subject of a tug of war between Cuba and the United States. Debbie Ransome reports (06:12-09:27)
4. The politics of race was being played out during the Fuji crisis. Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte is interviewed (09:28-12:06)
5. It has been the subject of a few choice words, Britain's determination to get its overseas territories to repealed their anti-Sodomic laws. British Virgin Island Chief Minister Ralph O'Neill and Chief Minister of Anguilla Osborne Fleming are interviewed (12:07-15:43)