Caribbean Report 26-10-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:44)
2. The adverse economic situation in Guyana is likely to be the decisive factor for voters in the next general elections. In an interview with Hugh Crosskill, Guyana’s Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge, states that the opposition parties have no alternative economic strategies to offer the electorate (00:45- 05:57)
3. BWIA, the Caribbean’s regional airline, celebrates its 50th anniversary but, due to the lack of funds many of the events scheduled to commemorate the occasion have been cancelled. Debbie Ransome interviews Diane Dumas, Head of the Planning Committee (05:58-08:20)
4. Growing concerns in Barbados about the increasing rate of violence and crime. Sandra Baptiste interviews Lyndon Lewis, UWI Sociologist, who states that the increase in drug activities has exacerbated the problem and suggests that Barbados Defense Force be enlisted to tackle the crime situation. The report also features the views of the Barbadian public (08:21-11:49)
5. Carl Lewis, Olympic sprint champion, looks forward to a rematch with Ben Johnson, whose two-year ban has been lifted. Ray Stubbs interviews Carl Lewis during his promotion of his autobiography “Inside Track” in London (11:50-15:07)